Little card, big thank you

Now our presses up and running (and looking rather good too), we have been able to get our type, paper and inks out and start printing. As so many people had given us a helping hand, much needed advice and encouraging words along the way that we felt they deserved a thank you. And so as a little token of our appreciation and gratitude, we designed and printed our first proper limited edition print especially for them.

To start, we handset and locked up an extended 5-line grot for the 'thank you', inked it all up in silver and printed it onto GF Smith Pale Grey Colorplan.

Next up was the blind de-boss, handset in 7/8pt Univers Light, fresh from Supertype. We're pretty pleased that even on the hard paper stock, the Model presses were more than capable of getting a great impression. And all with very little effort too. 

The final addition was to print our logotype and monogram, made up for us by Metallic Elephant. All the while being careful not to crush the de-boss in the process.

We complimented the card with a tonal Smoke Colorplan envelope, sealed with our symbol in silver wax. And now they are sent, we're off to print the next thing...

1 comment:

  1. Great post - I love to see letterpress in progress and you have photographed it very well.

    Lovely work.


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